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Website Revision Announcement

The source of the article: Yongkang Electronics   Author:   Reading volume: 699   Time: 2018-02-02 13:49:061

For development needs of the company, in order to establish the brand image, enhance the company’s reputation, give full play to the media function of Internet and let clients learn about our products on the website, after dedicated design and preparation, the website of Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co。,Ltd (www。yonker。cn) has been launched。

Design Style

The new website serves for the users more conveniently and directly with new design concepts。 On general design, it takes a concise style and highlights information presentation while following the latest trend of website design。 The visual effect and readability are improved with the pull-down thumbnails, rolling news and image change on the homepage。

Layout Content

After update, the new website keeps the general layout of the previous website. While, it increased the amount of information, improved the visual effects and enhanced the functions while highlighting the products. The page looks more exquisite, friendly and inclusive. The content on the homepage is more abundant, and the column structure is more visually direct.

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