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2017CMEF: Review of the Launch of Yongkang’s New Product

The source of the article: Yongkang Electronics   Author:   Reading volume: 625   Time: 2018-02-02 13:29:331

Only by better meeting the users’ needs and constantly going beyond customers’ expectation, can a company keep developing the market. Yongkang develops new products for this reason.

Yongkang launched its new product, Children Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, on China International Medical Equipment Fair (CIME) which just ended. This product was independently designed and developed by Yongkang and attached many attentions.


This product adopts bi-color OLED display and has multiple display modes。 Compared with the adult device, this one has unique appearance。 It’s designed into the shape of a cartoon bird to attract children’s interest。 When being used, the product, in a cute cartoon image, will make children feel relax and happy。 The greatest highlight of this product is that it solved the power source problem of the traditional fingertip pulse oximeter。 With an inbuilt lithium battery, it can be charged at any time safely and conveniently。 Moreover, the skin-like rubber cushion can protect children’s hands。 The fingernail bin adopts 1000 finger dimensional indicators to make the measurement more accurate。 For children under 12 years old, it fits child’s finger well and is able to bring great interactive experience to children。


This successful launch demonstrates the spirit of continuous pursuit of innovation of Yonghang and laid a solid foundation for Yonghang to grow into an industrial leader。

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